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Rustic Wedding Style Struggling to decide on a style for your wedding ? We’ve compiled a list of the five categories that most wedding...

The five different types of weddings

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Rustic Wedding Style
Struggling to decide on a style for your wedding? We’ve compiled a list of the five categories that most weddings will fit into.

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, it can be easy to get confused with the massive variety of wedding styles out there. Believe it or not, most weddings will fit into one of five categories.

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Rustic weddings usually take place in barns, outdoors, or at village halls, and have a relaxed, boho vibe. Featuring lots of vintage or DIY details, these weddings are the opposite of a traditional, formal wedding. You can expect to see bales of hay, wooden pallets, kraft paper, hessian fabric, bunting and plenty of florals. Repurposed horseboxes are a big trend for rustic weddings, particularly for bars, and food will usually be in some kind of self-service format such as a buffet or hog roast.


Industrial weddings are increasing in popularity. Featuring lots of metal, wire, and geometric decorations, they are usually held in warehouses, lofts, or old halls. Exposed brickwork and wooden beams add to the dilapidated feel of the venue, which is then juxtaposed with soft flowers, contemporary styling, and upcycled furniture. This minimalist style is incredibly versatile and can convert even the blandest venue into an eclectic event space.


Whilst a lot of brides opt for unique weddings nowadays, there are still vast amounts that stick with the tried and tested traditions. Traditional weddings are exactly what you’d imagine when you think of a stereotypical wedding. Generally taking place in hotels, conference halls, ballrooms, or marquees, at these formal weddings you’ll find a full three course sit down meal, age-old floral arrangements and decorations, and a big beautiful white dress.


Festival weddings are for those who want to eschew traditions and stereotypes entirely. The basic concept of a festival wedding is hiring out a field and doing what you want with it, whether that’s setting up a tepee, a campsite, or a full summer fete. There is usually lots of colour in the form of bunting, streamers, floral patterns, and festoon lighting. Food will be served from street food style trucks, and there will most likely be more than one live band.


Although the phrase ‘destination wedding’ conjures up images of soft sandy beaches or French chateaux, they don’t have to take place abroad. Generally, though, a couple will opt to go to a foreign country instead of getting married close to home. Destination weddings are usually a bit smaller than others, due to the cost involved in transport and accommodation, but are frequently followed by another reception party back at home.
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